We are a small, family run millworks operation. Formerly Japes Logging, we ran a timber harvesting
business for 10 years and then added our sawmill/kiln drying/millworks operation in 2007.

     The friendships and associations with fellow loggers, along with timber harvested ourselves,
now afford me access to a strong flow of beautiful timber. Many thanks to Stan Cole Logging,
Richard Riendeau and Son Logging, David Bedor Jr and Son & Daughter Logging and Bedor's
Tree Service. These professional timberjacks keep their eyes peeled for species like birdseye maple,
flame birch, tiger (curly) maple, spalted maple & birch and black cherry.

     We have our own sawmill operation, kiln drying and re-saw shop complete with planing and edging
capabilities. All of our lumber products are from the Vermont forests. We own the manufacturing process
from raw logs to kiln dried lumber, all in Vermont's Northeast Kingdom.

        3020 Stanton Road
        Danville, VT 05828
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