We offer two types of Native Vermont hardwood flooring - Sinclair Millworks"Country Mix" and
               Cherry Flooring as well as the classic Wide Pine flooring.  For a true "fantasy" floor,
                          we can custom cut to your preferred species of figured wood.

White Ash and Heartwood Maple. We combine Maple, Ash and Birch blanks
in our Sinclair Millworks Signature Flooring we call "Country Mix".
These species compliment each other very nicely.

Flooring boards are cut specifically to have both heart wood and sap wood in each board.

Flooring from 3" face, every 1/2" to 5 " face

This floor was made even more unique by the intermittent placing of "figured" boards which include:
Flame Birch, Birds-eye Maple, Blister Maple,
Spalted Maple and Curly Cherry.

        Another COUNTRY MIX flooring project

        Sinclair Millwork's COUNTRY MIX and WIDE PINE flooring in the same project

Classic Cherry flooring (left - a heartwood cut) and also with
combination heartwood/sapwood cut (right)

Flooring from 3" face, every 1/2" to 5 " face

Wide pine flooring - a classic look for any home

Available in classic clear/knotty (top board) and "blued" (bottom board)

Flooring from 6" face, every 2 inches up to 12 " face

Note the darker threshold board in the center with the natural "blueing"
    - a great way to add character to White Pine Flooring.

For those fans of "Pumpkin Pine" aged flooring -
this tinted top coating from VT Natural Coatings really helps to "age" this floor.

White pine with face widths of 6", 8", 10" and 12".

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        Danville, VT 05828