This 1800's English Design Hunt Table is made of 100% solid
Tiger Maple in Cinnamon stain & wax finish. Pictured here staged
to show its potential use as an Entrance Hall Table.
     $1400   SOLD!
      The great thing about being the owner (and sawyer) of this operation, is that I get first look at every piece
of lumber that comes off the logs. I've sawn thousands of feet of logs over the years, but I still
have pieces that take my breath away. When I turn over that first slab off a figured log and
it really grabs my attention, I'll saw a couple more bookmatch pieces and stand them together in the sawmill.
I can envision what a stunning table top they would be. It's those special pieces that I put aside. I team up with one
of my (many) talented customers and make a table project. We take our time, on nobody's time table.
When I am satisfied with the end look, and I feel myself hesitating about selling it, then it is ready.

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