A beautiful piece of "Grandpa Vance" Cherry. Named after my wife's grandfather.
The log was just like the man: wrinkled and worn on the outside and full of character on the inside
Another piece of "Grandpa Vance" Cherry, smoothed and finished.
The jet black pitch pockets are set against the warm reddish hue of cherry wood to give each board a one of a kind look.
Limited Series of "Swirly Black Cherry"   Sometimes we come across such unique wood
from what appears to be a run of the mill log.
"Grandpa Vance" Cherry - Very nice look

A bookmatch piece that is
perfect for a tabletop project.
Spalted Maple. Mother Nature at her best work.
Aged Maple logs develop these beautiful "pencil" lines in the wood.
These look great as bartops, tabletops, etc.
We offer this in flooring also - inventory varies as this is a rarity.
Spalted Maple
This log was in advanced stages of spalting where the black lines become thicker
Tiger Maple, also known as Curly Maple
The waves of striping set against the light colored wood gives a fascinating 3-D effect on the surface
Tiger Maple slice - Great for accent pieces!
Tiger Maple with heartwood.
Unique piece of Tiger Maple with pink coloring.
Birdseye Maple with big ol' eyes! This was some really special stuff.
Birdseye Maple - some of the most defined eyes ever!
An 18" wide Birdseye Maple table top board.
Spalted Maple - Nice thin pencil lines
Blister Maple out of a 225 year old tree
Another look in Blister Maple.
Spalted, Flame yellow Birch. This slab cut was
3" thick and would become a beautiful bartop
Spalted Yellow Birch - My buddy Maurice was doing tree work and discovered an old yellow
birch log in a customer's barn. The customer gave Maurice the log.
We cut some truly unique looking 4/4 boards.
This was from an old growth yellow birch log.
Chestnut is extremely rare due to disease nearly wiping it out years ago.
The logs that made this lumber were saved from a construction job in central Vermont.
Great for Hope Chests or classic cedar closets.
Spalted Maple Burl - I love cutting into stuff like this.
It's like being a kid at Christmas!
Cherry burl slice
Platter piece - Cherry burl Slice
Cherry Burl Slice - dried, planed and finished with a coat of varnish
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Aggravation. You find the strangest of things in logs. The band cut the spike.
The 16 penny nail on the left is for scale.